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Weird Pokemon lunch bag cloth

When I was shopping at Ichiban Kan in San Francisco the other week, I stumbled across a strange Pokemon lunch bag that I initially thought was an ordinary lunch cloth (like a cloth napkin or furoshiki wrapping cloth). When I got it home, however, I discovered that it was actually a weird cross between a […]

Published by Biggie on October 13th, 2007 tagged bento, pasta or noodles, sandwich or wrap, fish or seafood, lactose free, vegetarian, for kids, leftover remake, tutorial or how to, sandwich case | 13 Comments »

Portobella chicken burgers in collapsible sandwich cases

Contents of husband’s lunch: Portobello mushroom chicken “burger” on a focaccia sandwich roll with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and chocolate chipotle-flavored mayonnaise. Side dishes of homemade chili and a shelf-stable mini pudding cup.
Morning prep time: 10 minutes, using ready-made chicken patties by Aidell’s (review below) and leftover frozen chili.
Packing: I picked out some of the soft […]

Published by Biggie on August 10th, 2007 tagged poultry, sandwich or wrap, for kids, sandwich case | 26 Comments »

Chicken sandwich lunch

Contents of my lunch: Chicken salad sandwich (with cheese and lettuce on whole wheat toast), tabbouleh, blueberries and tiny Champagne grapes.
Morning prep time: 5 minutes. The chicken salad and tabbouleh were both pre-made from Costco, so it was a quick matter to toast the bread and assemble the sandwich.
Packing: Because the collapsible sandwich case (equipment […]

Published by Biggie on July 18th, 2007 tagged poultry, salad, sandwich or wrap, sandwich case | 4 Comments »

Stromboli lunches and travel food

Bug and I returned safely from our trip to Philadelphia last night. On our trip, we brought along a couple of small bento boxes, a collapsible sandwich case, and a couple of sauce containers so that we could have freedom on the road instead of needing to break to find a restaurant mid-day. This […]

Published by Biggie on April 20th, 2007 tagged bento, meat, onigiri or sushi, sandwich or wrap, fish or seafood, for kids, tips, sandwich case | 20 Comments »

Speedy sandwich lunches

Morning prep time: 5 minutes each (10 min. total). In a lunch very similar to this one, I packed Costco chicken salad sandwiches on whole wheat toast with cheese and lettuce in two collapsible sandwich cases (equipment review here). Bug’s lunch below is actually quite large as I made it to be shared with his […]

Published by Biggie on April 5th, 2007 tagged poultry, sandwich or wrap, for kids, sandwich case | 4 Comments »

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