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Posted on Apr 5, 2007 in For Kids, Poultry, Sandwich Case, Sandwich or Wrap | 4 comments

Speedy sandwich lunches

Speedy sandwich lunches


Morning prep time: 5 minutes each (10 min. total). In a lunch very similar to this one, I packed Costco chicken salad sandwiches on whole wheat toast with cheese and lettuce in two collapsible sandwich cases (equipment review here). Bug’s lunch below is actually quite large as I made it to be shared with his little friend on our outing to the children’s museum. It adds non-messy sides of leftover roasted asparagus from dinner (tips cut off at Bug’s request), dried apricots, a stack of two wrapped cheeses, and cherry tomatoes as gap fillers to stabilize the lunch for transport. The sandwich case is one that I got for US$1 at a local dollar store (Ichiban Kan in San Francisco), held together with a cheap elastic lunch band (from Daiso). They folded up nice and flat after lunch because I didn’t use hard plastic food cups inside.

Sandwich and asparagus lunch for toddlers Sandwich case with elastic

Mine is similar, with the sandwich cut into thirds instead of halves.

Sandwich and asparagus lunch Sandwich case (Feel at Ease) with elastic

In other news:

  • I’ve added resource links in the column to the left; have a look.
  • The Daily Tiffin food and lifestyle blog would like you to show them your lunch: details here.