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Here you’ll find links to short reviews I’ve written, including ready-made food items, lunch packing gear, books and stores. I have no commercial affiliations with the companies that make these products, and do not accept payment for reviews. Reviews are written solely at my discretion, and I usually purchase the items out of my own pocket. Additional information on lunch gear can be found in the Gear section of the Lunch in a Box community forum.

Review policy:

If you represent a company with a relevant product that you think is a good fit for Lunch in a Box, you may contact me here to have it considered for review. Accepting a product does not guarantee a review, and coverage may or may not be positive. Reviews of any received products will disclose the source of the item, and products valued at over US$40 will be returned to the manufacturer or donated. Editorial reviews are separate and distinct from advertising on Lunch in a Box.

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Equipment, General

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