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Posted on Dec 10, 2008 | 486 comments

Giveaway: Laptop Lunchbox Set

Giveaway: Laptop Lunchbox Set

Laptop Lunch System

(Dec. 16 UPDATE: The Laptop Lunchbox giveaway is now closed; see the announcement of the winners here.)

Looking for a lunch-packing gift for a friend, or just want to spoil yourself? To celebrate the holiday season, the folks over at Laptop Lunches have offered a free Laptop Lunchbox kit to one lucky Lunch in a Box reader anywhere in the world (not just U.S.).

Bonus: If you don’t win the giveaway and want to order one on your own, they’re also running a Holiday Discount for 20% off items purchased from their website through December 16, 2008 (coupon code is holiday2008). The coupon code temporarily brings their website prices below those of Laptop Lunchboxes on Reusable Bags or Amazon, so thanks for the discount! (Read on for information on how to enter the giveaway.)
Laptop Lunchboxes display at DooF-a-Palooza 2008

To enter, leave one comment below with the ideal meal you’d like to pack in the Laptop Lunchbox. Entries will be accepted until midnight on Monday, December 15, 2008, and I’ll choose one comment at random on December 16 using the random number generator. The winner will receive the Laptop Lunch Bento Box with all inner containers and utensils, a water bottle, the Laptop Lunch insulated carrying case, and one copy of The Laptop Lunch User’s Guide with lunch making ideas. The whole thing is a US$38 value, shown in detail here on the Laptop Lunchbox website. The winner can choose what color inner containers they’d like, either primary colors, red/black, pink, periwinkle, or “whimsical”. One comment per reader, please, and comments without meal details will not be considered.

For ideas on what to pack in the Laptop Lunchbox, check out the thousands of lunch photos in the Laptop Lunch group on Flickr. Facebook users might be also interested in the Laptop Lunchbox page on Facebook (in addition to the Lunch in a Box page on FB, of course!).



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  1. My ideal meal would be containing:
    Steamed rice with a slice of tamagoyaki
    Fried chicken in sweet butter sauce
    Vegetable sticks (baby carrot, cucumber, etc)
    Almond pudding with fruit coctail

    And for the drink, I’d fill the water bottle with green tea ^_^

  2. I’d pack a big slice of ovenbaked pancake, the pancake batter puored over lots of slices of tart apples and baked till firm. I’d put some slices of bacon, crisp, inone box and some lingonberries(almost like cranberries) in the other. Since this is rather soft food I’d add some hard, dry bread, knäckebröd.

  3. I’d have yogurt with granola and fresh fruit like strawberries and sliced bananas to stir in.
    In the larger container it would be a veggie tortilla wrap, or soba noodle salad w/veggies.
    I’d also throw in some cherry tomatoes and crackers to snack on.

  4. Mmmm! I would pack (for my husbands lunch of course):
    vegetable fried rice
    cucumber slices
    cherry tomatoes
    mini banana muffin

  5. I’d pack mini pitas w/ chicken salad, grape tomatoes, pomegranate, baby carrots w/ dill dip, small homeade pudding for my daughter.

  6. It’s so cute! And since it seems to have so much space and be so portable, I’d have to use it to pack myself a nice picnic lunch and go eat it somewhere warm. Or, since it’s winter, pretend its a picnic and eat it in my heated living room X3

    So, I think in one of the big containers, I would make egg salad sandwiches on wheat bread, but I would cut one sandwich into 8 triangles so its like a bunch of itty bitty tea sandwiches.

    One of the side containers would have my mom’s recipe for pasta salad: tricolor pasta, black olives, mozzarella cheese, Italian dressing, cucumbers, and green peppers.

    The other side container would have a brownie. I’d probably cut it into a heart shape or something.

    The other big container would have fruit in it. Checkered apple slices, mandarin oranges, bits of banana, I’d make a fruit salad!

    Then I’d have to put lemonade in the water bottle to round off the picnic theme. :D

  7. Hummus with baby tomatoes, whole wheat pita bread, yogurt and grapes. Yum

  8. I would pack jasmine rice with a mix of vegetables and seitan in a General Tao’s stir fry sauce (my favorite meal). There would also be some pineapple and cucumbers and red peppers onr the side. For dessert I would like a chocolate mousse (handmade, please)

  9. I would pack my “swedish shrimp sandwiches a la IKEA” These are little squares of rye bread with mayo, a slice of english cucumber, a bit of boiled egg, and a boiled shrimp. They make mini open faced sandwiches that look like you get to eat a whole tray of hors d’oeuvres at lunch! Tres chic!

  10. What a great container! In the larger one, I’d put hummus and in the smaller containers I’d add baby carrots, small broccoli flowerettes and some small triangles of pita bread. I’d also add some sunflower seeds for snacking or adding into the hummus.

  11. I’d like to pack Italian grilled chicken, pasta salad, and steamed broccoli in the laptop.

  12. for the boys I would pack a PB and banana sandwich on wheat, frozen pineapple chunks, homemade granola bar, and some yogert.
    For me chicken salad, fresh strawberries, yogert, and a granola bar.

  13. I am a bento beginner but I would want:
    Sushi rice with hijiki and shiitaki
    Soy cured salmon
    The bizarrely good blackberries I just got for 99c/pint!

  14. I would love to do this for my daughter!

    I would put either a cream cheese mini bagel or a cream cheese spirals (tortilla with cream cheese), baby carrots & cucumber sticks, grapes &
    teddy grahams.

  15. I’d definitely go with some sort of Chinese food lunch. Crispy noodles in one compartment and sauce with beef and veggies in the closed compartment. Side boxes would include mayonnaise shrimp with some roasted honeyed walnuts and some fresh fruit for dessert =]

  16. When I pack lunch, I always pack a lot.
    If i had that lunchbox i would use one of the big containers to hold some homemade sushi (i fill my sushi with whatever is laying around in the fridge, maybe a ham and cheese combo :]), the other to hold a couple of chicken filled fried wontons, a small container to hold an assortment of cubed melons, a steamed sweet bun in the other and the tiniest container will be used to hold soy sauce and wasabi. yummmmy!

  17. Hi Biggie! Sorry if this comment shows up twice, I tried to post late last night but I don’t think it went through so I’ll try again. I love the Laptop Lunchbox – I’ve been wanting one for ages! Lots of foods I’d love to pack but ideally I’d pack something nongreasy as I hate to wash grease off plasticware! So in the big container I’d pack some tofu eggless salad (recently discovered and SO GOOD and tastes so much like egg salad!) sandwiches with cucumber and celery salt cut to size. Then in the other large compartment I’d pack some smoked salmon and avocado sushi – tiny container would be for soy sauce with some wasabi stirred in. Small compartment number one would be fruit like blueberries, cherries, strawberries, grapes, tiny satsuma tangerines. And the other small box would have some almonds and a couple pieces of dark choccie. Probably water in the drink bottle as it’s easier to keep clean overall.

    Yum! I’m hungry now! Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. Let’s see…chicken cakes in one of the larger containers (with remoulade sauce in the tiny container)…baby greens in the other large one…tangerine slices in one of the small ones…and a couple of chocolate kisses in the other small one which will also house the remoulade container!

  19. Pad Thai in the large lidded container, and a salad in the large unlidded container. Ginger salad dressing in the tiny lidded container, then in the sides fruit & a chocolate chocolate chip mini muffin for dessert.

  20. My ideal lunch usually is something healthy. It is so easy to just walk across the street to fast food heaven (I work at a uni, fast food abounds). My ideal packed meal would be a slice of my hubby’s spinach and goat cheese quiche (good hot or cold so this is a big plus). A side of seasonal fruit and some raw veggies with some dipping sauce on the side. Water is my drink of choice these days but I might splurge for some tea.

  21. Ooooh, I’ve had a major tonkatsu craving lately, so that in one compartment, with rice, some pickles, maybe a little steamed spinach and eggplant? Yummm…

  22. Bento makes me think of picnic food sometimes. So chicken salad with lettuce,tomato,radishes,red pepper,carrots on the side. For some carbs either a crusty roll,pita or crackers. Pickles. Mandarin oranges and a few dove chocolates for dessert. Diet citrus green tea to wash it down.

  23. I’d love to pack a surprise lunch for my husband. He’s always in the mood for german type food, so it would probably consist of a big container of sliced up brats with mustard in the small container for dipping. A side of cucumber salad and potato salad and raw veggies. And a dessert of sliced up fruit and a cookie.

  24. I design high-brow tableware, but believe that every eating experience should be a good one….especially for the little people who will inherit our traditions and our care towards food, cuisine and the planet!

  25. I usually make the main dish something with noodles – usually with beef or chicken and a nice sauce, and put small side dishes around the edges – edamame is a favorite, along with grapes, blueberries, strawberries – whatever is in season.

  26. I’d pack red beans and rice, or a noodle/teriyaki dish, with broccoli and carrots and plums, then some form of bread, like a roll or muffin.

  27. I would be using this box for my 16 month old son. I would love to make him a box with little avocado cucumber sandwich bites cookie cut into stars, peeled halved grapes, a hard boiled egg pressed into a shape and some mixed cereal and Gerber yogurt puffs for extra snacking and some cheese, again cookie cut into shapes for him. He’s not big on plain water so the water bottle would likely contain watered down juice or a bit of organic milk.

  28. I haven’t had much experience with packing a bento box but I would probably pack tea eggs, onigiri, a little salad, some type of cheese and a sweet. :)

  29. cool looking box
    i would love to pack my sons school lunches in one, he has noodles and vegtables, maybe a small onigiri, some grapes and blueberries, and a few chocolate buttons as a treat. it would also be great for the family when we go geocaching it has enough room for snacks for all 4 of us.

  30. I make daily lunches for my spouse. This site started as just a passing interest to me but I have found myself truly intrigued by the creativeness I see here and have incorporated a lot of your ideas into my daily ‘offerings’.

    The perfect laptop lunch for my better half would include pizza bites (thanks for the great idea last week), veggies with dip (keeping the messy broccoli ‘trees’ in their own separate silicone cup, of course), some apple cider, a clementine orange, maybe some peanut butter crackers, and a treat of a cookie or a few M&M’s or licorice. My lunches are the envy of my better half’s workplace. Keep the good ideas flowing – your site is my favorite to visit every day.

  31. Hmmm…

    A Gene Stratton Porterish lunch (Girl of the Limberlost)

    Bread with butter and strawberry jelly. (homeade bread)

    Chicken Breast

    Spice cake


    Ripe red tomatoes…

    Yummy. I feel more American today than anything.

  32. I’m afraid I won’t be able to enter before the deadline if I read first to see if my lunch ideas are already given by another entrant, so I’ll just dive into what I would pack for one of my daughters if I win one of these bento sets!

    If I didn’t have any exciting leftovers from the previous night’s dinner, I’d probably make a roll-up sandwich with half a large flat w/w bread from Trader Joe’s, spreading tofutti cream cheese (for the daughter who doesn’t do cow’s milk cheese), spread a few sliced black olives, a slice of low-sodium ham and roll it up for one container. In the other large container I might put a selection of baby carrots and snap peas, with the small lidded container filled with ranch dip. I’d put some berries in one of the small containers, and some mini meringue cookies (again from Trader Joe’s) in the last little container.

    It would be a treat to be able to put together a lunch like this in a laptop lunchbox set!!

  33. Oooh… inari sushi with trail mix, grapes, oranges and a mushroom/spinach based salad with italian vinaigrette. Carb heavy, but still light enough to keep working through the winter.

  34. here in Australia its the evening of the 16th, im hoping that somewhere else in the world it’s still the 15th so that this entry counts.

    I’d like to pack my first bentou ever:
    4 parts rice: bear-shaped onigiri with furikake and umeboshi
    3 parts protein: chick-shaped quail egg, octopus and crab weiners
    2 parts veg: asparagus men and cherry tomatoes
    1 part desert: Pocky sticks!

  35. My Bento Box Lunch would be AWESOME!

    I’d make yummy lettuce wraps… by packing some lettuce, the yummy, spicy tofu goodness from the last Vegetarian Times magazine, some shredded carrots and green onions to top it off, and some peppermint jojos from trader joes.

    yummy… i’m ready for lunch!

    all i need is a lunchbox!

    Can I be the winner?

  36. My first laptop lunch box would consists of the following :

    Large container 1:jackfruit BBQ
    Large Container 2:refried pinto beans
    small container 1: lightly salted edamame
    small container 2: homemade vegan peach cobbler
    smallest container: trader Joe’s peach salsa

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