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Posted on Apr 9, 2008 | 56 comments

Ichiban Kan online store accepting orders

Ichiban Kan online store accepting orders

Ichiban KanHeads up that the new online store for Ichiban Kan, a Japanese-style discount store with cheap bento gear and household goods, has fixed their shopping cart and is now able to take orders. I wrote about the launch of Ichiban Kan’s online store last week, with a store review and links to their shipping policies (continental US only at the moment). Their bento selection is a bit limited for now, but evidently a shipping container of bento gear is on its way from Japan.

I went through their store and made a list highlighting some of the more interesting products for the bento maker (and a product warning). They’re still adding new products (i.e. food items are not up yet); stay up to date on new developments via Ichiban Kan’s blog. (Read on for Biggie’s product highlights…)

Some sections that you may want to check out (most products are priced between US$1 and $1.50):

Clickety Click onigiri box

  • Lunch box sets: Including triangular onigiri bento boxes like the one that holds this lunch, elastic bento belts for two-tier boxes, food picks, sauce containers, silicon baking cups, etc. Beware the low-quality V Color bento boxes, though — the lid hinges are very delicate and break too easily (I went through two after one or two uses).
  • Food containers: I use the tiniest containers to store very small amounts of leftovers, good for bento lunches in the following days. They can also double as side dish containers.
  • Cleaning products: Including narrow little soft brushes for cleaning the groove under the packing strip of watertight bento box lids (described in my post on how to care for your bento gear, but you could also just use a soft-bristled toothbrush).

Disclaimer: Believe it or not, I have no commercial affiliation with Ichiban Kan.



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  1. @49 from Aimee: Hey, bag those peanuts up and save them for sending year-end presents to other people! I used to throw them away until I got more storage space to keep them. Very handy. Thanks for the feedback on Ichiban Kan and the heads up that they’re getting ready to stock new bento items. Woo hoo!

  2. Saying that they’re generous with packing peanuts is an understatement. :)

    If anyone is interested, those little heart and animal silicone cups DO fit nicely in the smaller tier of your basic two tier lube sheep boxes, as well as the bottom box of the clickety click onigiri boxes. I was EXTREMELY pleased! :D The hearts are really small. I think they’ll hold maybe two tablespoons of whatever, so if you have something you just want a taste of, or to make a little jello, it would be perfect. The animal cups are a little bigger, but they’re floppier than what I’m used to with the wilton, meaning they’ll squeeze into any shape they need to, which is nice.

    I’m planning on putting full product reviews, along with pictures of the products shown next to something recognizable (like a soup can) to illustrate size, on my site… I wanted to take pictures yesterday, but I forgot my camera at home! :(

    Ichiban Kan rules!

  3. @54 from Sile: Ha ha, well I guess better to have more peanuts than broken merchandise. Thanks for the feedback on the silicone cups — they weren’t in the Japantown store last time I checked, so I’m useless on that point. Will check your site for reviews!

  4. So far I’m excited – they seem to have tons of stuff (though it’s sold out right now!)
    I bought a few things but unfortunately they emailed me to say my ZIP code wasn’t correct.. but it is!
    We’ll see how this turns out. They were very friendly though :D

  5. Bummer…the online store closed at 5:00 pm today 7/7/2009. I tried to order as much as I could, but by the time I got there, some of the items were out of stock. Dang!!!

    I found them through this blog and I have been loving it. My candy has been ripped from my fingers and I want to cry.

  6. Awwwwww! Sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

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