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Posted on Jan 31, 2008 | 80 comments

Do you have a packed lunch blog?

Do you have a packed lunch blog?

When I started this blog it seemed like there weren’t that many active packed lunch blogs, but lately I’m seeing all kinds of new ones and I haven’t been able to keep up. I’d like to put together a full, organized list of packed lunch blogs to update my Link list, so I’m throwing it open to all of you. Do you have a current blog that’s mostly focused on packed lunches? It doesn’t matter if you use bento boxes, Laptop Lunchboxes, Mr. Bento-style thermal lunch jars, or a brown bag — I’m interested in your lunch contents and packing methods.

Comment here or e-mail me at lunchinabox (AT) gmail (DOT) com with the following:

  1. The name and URL of your blog
  2. Any special focus you have. Vegetarian? Gluten-free? Lactose-free? Diet? Food art? Regional food? One particular style of container (Mr. Bento or Laptop Lunchbox)?
  3. Are the lunches made for children, adults, or both?
  4. The language of your blog, if it’s not English.

In the meantime, here are a couple of bento blogs I’m taken with.

Frank Tastes

LJ user commoi has created a quirky bento blog with intelligent anthropological commentary, striking photos, and fun drawings.

Bento Corner

An American mom born and raised in Japan makes adorable “kyara-ben” or food art character bentos for her children. Back in Tokyo and blogging again after a one-year hiatus, she sheds light on how to create cute food art and comments on bento-making in Japan.


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  1. Hi! My blog ventures off into other food topics as well, but bento is a main topic.

    1. It is called “Playing With My Food”…

    2. It is necessarily milk-free because of my allergy.

    3. The lunches are made for myself and my husband.

    Thanks for the list you’ve compiled. It’s a great resource! :0)

  2. Hi Biggie, I love your site! I’ve used your tips several times (like freezing portions of spaghetti with sauce).

    I’m just getting back to bento-ing after moving to a new house and getting married last year. My site is

    The bentos I make for myself are ovo-lacto vegetarian. The bentos I make for my husband sometimes include meat.

    Thanks for compiling this list!

  3. The main focus of my blog is not on bento. But I document my bentos. Please excuse the lack of material since I’ve only started.

    The lunches are for me & my sambo.
    There are some entries that are in Swedish.

  4. Thanks so much for including a link to my blog Biggie! Recently I changed to a hosted solution for my blog with its own domain, could you maybe update the url in your link section? That would be awesome!

    Name: La petite biscotte

  5. I’ve updated the list with everything above, so it should be current. If I’ve missed someone please let me know.

    - Biggie

  6. Hi! I just started to blog, and I’ve referenced your site a few times, so I figured i’d better let you know where! Its cooking, recipies, and bento where I cook for myself (a veggie) and my parter (a carnivore).

  7. Hi Biggie! I’m back on the bandwagon with a renewed energy for bento.

    I’m at
    I’m focusing on adult lunches on healthy eating plan (through I’m now providing basic nutritional information for my lunches.

    I also usually prepare a similar lunch for my husband, but his is generally prepared in a lock ‘n’ lock and isn’t so cutesy. So, kind of a masculine.

    Oh, and I stumbled across a speedy tip that you might be interested in the other day: “cooking” couscous directly in the bento container. Super sweet.

  8. I’ve updated the Lunch Links page with the latest blogs above, BTW.

  9. Hi Biggie — I have a blog where I post about the bentos I make for my preschooler. It’s not exclusively focused on bento, but that’s by far and away the most active category.

    Wendolonia –
    I feature kids lunches, but sometimes will show pictures of my own Mr. Bento lunches


  10. Hi Biggie! I’m very new to bento blog scene. Bento is the anchor for my blog. I’ll share my creations and inspirations. I will also talk about all the things I love about Japan.

    Thanks for creating such a fabulous site!


  11. Biggie:

    I’ve become bento-obsessed thanks to your blog :)

    My older son loves his bentos–hubby isn’t quite so sure about the cute little sauce containers but he’s such a linear thinker, the asthetics of compartmentalized food really work for him!

    I will be writing about my bento-ing on my blog so please check it out!(I’ll be tagging the individual entries “Bento”

  12. Bento Fettish got deleted by accident! And now I can’t get it back under the same link. If you could remove that one, It’d be great… sorry about this. I’m working on maybe fixing another blog soon, so I’ll get back to you.

  13. Biggie, I love your blog! You have the best ideas and such great tips for making speedy foods!
    Compliments aside, I have a bento (and food) blog that I think would be a good addition for your link list. While the primary focus is bento, it also incorporates easy-to-make foods and college-appropriate commentary.
    1. Bento Food Bear (yeah, it’s a little silly)
    2. College-age (health, time, and money conscious) focus. A lot of the posts also incorporate vegetarian meal ideas and environmental food concerns.
    3. Lunches made for a recent grad and my picky fiancee. The writer is moving from Penn State to L.A., and the food region is getting ready to become really regionally focused.

  14. Hi Biggie,

    Your blog is really awesome! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful tips and knowledge.

    I live in Hong Kong and recently discovered the world of bento. My food blog has an emphasis on bentos (mainly for adults) and also includes other recipes for dinner, breakfast, etc. The site is Cloud9Food

    I’ve just added your site to my list of links as well.

  15. I’ve updated the Lunch Links page with the latest blogs above, BTW. Thanks, all!

  16. I’ve changed the name and address of my blog – its no longer Pieces of Earth Foods…its just Pieces of Earth and the new website url is:

    I should have changed the name a long time ago. Thank you Biggie!

  17. This is a bento/lifestyle blog that I just started. Right now I am using bentos for weight loss and portion control. All bentos are made for adults.

    There will be some posts that are not bento related, but if you choose the bento category, you can easily sort out any non-bento posts.

    Thanks for considering my blog for a link!


  18. I’ve just started my blog, but my daughter starts school next week, so I hope to keep it active and up to date!

    1. Lunches Fit For a Kid:
    2. I pack lunches that are healthy, mostly homemade items, fun for my 6 year old daughter (and occasionally my 3 year old son). Americanized Bento, pretty much. I will have lots or recipes, too.
    3. Mostly made for the kiddos. I get leftovers. ;)

  19. Very nice link-collection. I would like to have my new Bento-Blog added:

    I’m posting very often. You can find tips, tricks, recipe and photos for adult-Bentos. And it’s mostly vegetarian, too.
    The language is German.

  20. Food for Dissertating:

    Mostly Laptop Lunches system. Attractive, healthy food for a single adult. I don’t, as a commenter put it, “carve cats out of rice,” but I do try to give things an artistic flair. I also point out ways to cope with cooking for one without eating the same thing for a solid week.

  21. I post free printable lunch notes everyday. Jokes, interesting facts, illustrations, etc. Great for busy parents to print out and add to their kids’ lunches.

  22. Hi Biggie,

    Your blog is awesome!

    I make kids & adults Lactose-free Lunchboxes.

    Its german

    Thank you for sharing all your wonderful tips <3

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