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Posted on Jul 17, 2006 | 2 comments

North Carolina pulled pork sandwich

North Carolina pulled pork sandwich

Spent Sunday smoking a couple of pork butts on our kludged-together flowerpot smoker for pulled pork sandwiches. All packed in my Nissan Stainless thermal lunch jar to keep the cole slaw fresh and cool.

North Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich Lunch お弁当

  • bun cut to fit the container
  • homemade pulled pork, smoked for 15 hours
  • vinegar hot sauce for the pork
  • homemade buttermilk coleslaw
  • blackberries and “mango nectarines” — a new kind of nectarine with a slight taste/texture of mangos (quite good!)

Pork Butt BBQ

Here’s the pork shoulder on the smoker.

Flowerpot Smoker

Insulated smoker kludged together from flower pots and an electric coil burner a la Alton Brown’s Good Eats — our first smoker (details here). We’re looking at getting a proper smoker now that we’re really into it.



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    1. That pulled pork looks absolutely divine!

    2. @1 from Derek: Thanks, Derek! It was definitely tasty. Hmm, how long before my husband decides to smoke some more pork butt?